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KC Board considers new CMMS principal

Aug 12, 2023

Jul 8, 2023

MILL HALL — The Keystone Central School District Board of Directors will consider hiring a new principal at Central Mountain Middle School at a prorated salary of $99,000 annually.

The board heard about the potential hire, which is among a number of potential new staff members, during its work session Thursday night.

In her report, Superintendent Dr. Jacquelyn Martin said the administration has recommended hiring David Romanyshyn to fill the position at CMMS.

“We have completed our comprehensive search for a new Central Mountain Middle School principal and are pleased to announce that David Romanyshyn has been recommended to the school board for their approval this month,” Martin said. “Pending board approval, Mr. Romanyshyn will be a welcome addition to our team as he has a wealth of experience teaching middle school mathematics in the Milton Area School District and 7-12 experience as an assistant principal and K-4 experience as the principal of Centre Hall and Miles Township Elementary Schools in the Penns Valley Area School District. Mr. Romanyshyn will succeed Mr. David Peters who has transferred to the role of Central Mountain High School Athletic Director and Assistant Principal.”

Romanyshyn has accepted the position and is awaiting approval, pending the outcome of the vote which will be cast at next week’s school board voting session on Thursday, July 13. His start date has not been determined.

Other potential staff positions that will be considered during the board’s voting session involve special education and counseling.

The district has recognized a need for more school counselors to support students. This became evident when students returned to in-person learning after COVID-19 shut downs. The district is responding to the need for additional mental health support by recommending the employment of two new counselors, pending next week’s vote by the school board.

Bridget Smith, one such counselor, is poised to begin employment at Mill Hall Elementary School on the first day of the 2023-2024 school year at a salary of $64,071.

Karen Bossert is set to begin employment as a counselor at Central Mountain Middle School with a salary of $67,326.

The district also proposes the addition of a new ES/LS special education teacher at Central Mountain High School. The employment of Adrian Fortescue for this position will be effective the first day of the 2023-2024 school year, with a salary of $50,400.

Hiring of all new personnel is contingent upon receipt of all required paperwork including, but not limited to, all necessary background checks that meet the appropriate standard(s) as required by Pennsylvania law.

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