Laura Linney attempts to save movie screening after projector malfunction
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Laura Linney attempts to save movie screening after projector malfunction

Aug 08, 2023

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There were no miracles performed here.

Laura Linney jumped into action after a projector malfunctioned midway through a screening for her new movie “The Miracle Club.”

The “Ozark” actress advised the crowd to get up and stretch their legs or use the bathroom as employees at the Tribeca Screening Room in New York City attempted to get the movie back up and running on Tuesday.

She also took the time to chat with pals and her mom, who came along as her plus-one.

The snafu didn’t phase the audience — which included Mikhail Baryshnikov, Aidan Quinn, “Succession” star David Rasche, Donna Murphy and Sony Pictures Classics co-President Michael Barker — and everyone remained in good spirits during the 15-minute wait.

When it became apparent that the projector wasn’t fixable, Linney stood by the door and personally thanked each guest for coming as they left.

All hope for the evening was not lost though as guests headed to the screening afterparty, which took place in the garden at the ritzy bakery Ladurée Soho.

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Attendees were also offered a link to watch the rest of the charming film online from home.

“The Miracle Club,” which follows a group of Irish women as they go on a pilgrimage to the sacred French town of Lourdes, also stars Kathy Bates, Stephen Rea and Maggie Smith.

The “Love Actually” star shared that she had to pinch herself when she learned that Smith would be her co-star.

“It was really an amazing thing to be asked to work with her,” Linney told Page Six at the event. “We’d known each other a little bit beforehand. I love talking with her, she has an actor brain that is just beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced, like a diamond.

“She really is the sum of all her hard work and experience and her incredible intelligence and she’s so beautiful and it was a dream … I loved every second of it.”

Linney’s most recent high-profile job was playing the deliciously venal Wendy Byrde in the series “Ozark,” a role she says wasn’t taxing at all.

“It was great fun,” she enthused. “When it’s well-written and you’re working with great people, it’s just fun.”

And as for what she thinks Wendy would be doing now, Linney remained tight-lipped.

“I have a theory but I’m going to keep that to myself.”

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